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Sifting through spreadsheets to review trades is painful. Meet the better way to keep your trading journal.

Get insights on what works

Journal your trades in the app to get insights and statistics. Learn which ones were risky, what's working, and hone in on your best trading tactics.

  • Analyze Previous Trades

    Analyze what happened while you held a position, see buy/sell markers on the chart, and learn how you might have traded it better.

  • Know Your Numbers

    Monitor your statistics, compare performance across trades and refine your best trading strategies.

  • Reduce Your Risk

    Boost profits by finding the setups that offer the best reward while minimizing your risk.


Choose the plan that works for you

Make reviewing your trades easy


$29 /mo

A great way to get started

  • Manual trade entry

  • Analyze past performance

  • Chart entry and exit points


$49 /mo

Import your trades and test your strategies

  • All features from basic plan

  • Import trades from your broker

  • Define strategies and test on historic data

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